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Finally Arrived!

Yes the team from Down Under has finally made an appearance on this prestigous website.  Well some of us, not all, and Im hoping to hear more of the rest of Team Sandcast Australia as this page progresses....

The team so far from here in Oz comprises KP McGovern (who contributes regularly to the site), Bob Sneil, Tom Courtney, and myself (Steven Vanzetto).  Vince, I believe you are one of us also so I hope to hear more of you soon.  Other members/owners who I have met briefly include Rick Hahn and Ray Armstrong who I bought my current SC from.

Well its a small group here in Australia, but speaking for myself, I have learnt a lot from the more experienced team of Bob, KP and Tom.  I wasn't around when the CB750 first hit the market, and have relied strongly on the guys for restoration ideas, good trades, and parts to finish my first project (a CB750 K0).

Bob Sneil is currently working on a couple of Sandcasts, KP I believe has a couple as well.  The pics below show Bob's currently being restored, and my bike the day it was delivered to me.  Im hoping to receive more news/reports from Australian members - please contact me with photos and Ill get them uploaded.  Dont be shy now....

Rob's restoration taking shape 

Rob's resto taking shape


Steve's original unrestored sandcast 

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