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Technical/Restoration Support

Welcome to Technical/Restoration Support, for referencing information which can be permanently useful to anyone riding, maintaining or restoring a "sandcast" CB750. The Technical Sections are worded and organized as seen in the "green cover" CB750 Shop Manual, as printed in 1969. Please send the webmaster any information pertaining to Technical/Restoration Support which is not intended to ask or answer questions that can be addressed by members themselves in "Discussion."

Foreword to Shop Manual "Provisional Edition", print date 69.6:

"The CB750 is designed as a high performance touring motorcycle. It mounts a 4-cylinder engine on a rigidly engineered frame body which is precisionly aligned for perfect balance.

The development of the powerful CB750 machine, having excess horse-power reserve, has been made possible by hte use of the efficient disc brake to assure superior braking performance.

Furthermore, many special features have been incorporated to minimize shock, vibration and noise.

This manual contains the necessary information for the service and repair of the inportant items on the CB750.

1. Technical data
2. Special tools
3. Construction
4. Inspection and adjustment
5. Maintainence

It is reommended that each section be read and understand so that the information will serve as a guide in performing the proper servicing.


1. General Information
2. Engine Removal & Installation
3. Engine Mechanical
      Early Cases
      Late Cases
4. Clutch Cover
5. Transmission

6. Fuel System
      Fuel Caps
7. Ignition System
8. Charging System
9. Starting System
10. Battery

11. Steering & Front suspension
12. RearSuspension
13. Wheels, Tires & Final drive
      Front Wheel
      Rear Wheel
14. Brakes

15. Body, Electrical & Instruments
      Side Covers
      US Instruments
      European Instruments
      Early Electrical Harness
      Late Electrical Harness
16. Wiring Diagram
17. Engine Tune-Up
18. Periodical Maintainence