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17. Engine Tune-Up

"Sandcast" exhaust systems - Two types - Early and Late.
I.  Muffler Features

     A.  Early and Late mufflers not stamped.  (no "HM300")

mufflers - no HM300.JPG

     B.  Width of muffler mount hole
           1.  Early Type - 55mm  (Fitted to 1-1221)
           2.  Late Type - 58mm  (Fitted 1222-7414)

C.  Height of weld seam joining muffler halves
           1.  Early Type - 2.5mm
           2.  Late Type - 5mm

mufflers, early seams.JPG

     D.  Outlet Diameters
           1.  Early Type - 52mm o.d., 48.5mm i.d.
                A.  No internal baffling, essentially megaphone

           2.  Late Type - 52mm o.d., 48mm i.d.
                B.  Internal baffling present

II.  Two baffle types-Not interchageable with Early/Late muffler types

baffles, early-late.JPG
baffle outlets early-late.JPG

      A.  Early type - Round steel cylinder, fiber packing on inside
            1.  Outer ring o.d., 46mm, i.d., 42mm
            2.  Inner ring o.d., 33mm, i.d., 28mm
            3.  Inside end of baffle seats against plate in muffler

baffle early.JPG
baffle early outlet.JPG
      B.  Late type - fiber packing on outside
            1.  Outer ring o.d., 46mm, i.d., 42mm
            2.  Inner ring o.d., 35mm, i.d., 30mm
            3.  Seating surface, baffle o.d. (width) 47.5mm
            4.  Circumferential rings of baffle seat against muffler baffling

baffle late.JPG
baffle late outlet.JPG

Andy Morris - "Two types of exhaust pipe clamps, Early 'fat' type & Late 'thin' type.  Early fat exhaust clamps are specific for EACH exhaust!  The #2 and #3 inner clamps are shaved on backside to clear the cylinder fins, bolt threads are side specific, and the #1 and #4 clamps are not shaved on backside and also threaded side specific. The #1 and #4 clamps will foul the cylinder fins if you use them on #2 and #3. They all come w/ large #8 bolts, I've seen them on 3 sandcasts up to E1873 so far.  Early clamps weigh 7.8 oz each & late clamps weigh 6.6 oz. each. "

exh.clamp.side view.jpgexh.clamp.frontview.jpg