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Hello SOOC members,

This is your SOOC Scandinavian editor, writing to you from Denmark

Scandinavian SOOC editor.jpg


This page will be updated every month with news of ongoing sandcast projects by SOOC members in Scandinavia, starting with Denmark for the next couple of months

First of all I will introduce myself, my name is Harald Falkentoft and I live North of Copenhagen, my interest in sandcasts started 3 years ago after I bought a K0 from Sweden from Swedish SOOC member Kenneth Persson, Shortly after that I bought my first sandcast (completly restored by Peter) from Danish SOOC member Peter Ovesen vin 2155/2276. This sandcast is now being sold to a Danish collector who will soon become a new SOOC member.

Now the reason for selling my mint sandcast is due to I have two other sandcast projects going on now,where I have started from scratch. The first one  vin 5583/5557 started  with a frame and engine only, bought last year from my good friend German SOOC member Manfred Dorring. The second project is even worse off, starting by buying  only a frame Vin 5395/xxxx from USA. I have now required all the parts needed except the engine for frame 5395. So If there is any member who has a surplus crankcase or engine near no. 5395 please say so. 90 % of all the parts I have required come from e.bay, all around the world. This is one of the most expensive way to restore a sandcast, but it is lots of fun and you get to know people with the same interest as yourself. You learn a lot about different types of spares for the cb750 and make a lot of mistakes, it is trial and error, but has taught me a lot about sandcasts in no time.

Here is a picture of my sandcast 2155/2276 fully restored.

2155/2276Haralds sandcast 3.jpg

About Denmark, Denmark is situated on top of North of Germany and with a population of only 5 mill. people. There are four Danish SOOC members, all which I have met personally and Iwill tell you about their ongoing projects the next couple of times.

We have Danish SOOC member Peter Ovesen with Vin 3105/3181 which he bought from Sweden last year and now restoring. Here is a picture of Peters sandcast


Tony Wohler with vin 5858/5948 bought from USA last year and now restoring

Henrik Stubkjaer from Greenland (also part of Denmark) with  about 5 to 8 sandcasts ,also specialist in buying sandcast airfiltercasings, (nobody really knows how many sandcasts he has(Not even Henrik)) and he is one of the sandcast collectors who has purchased most in the last few years and it will be interesting to see what his intentions are.

And of course myself.

Here is a picture of my progress on project 5395/xxx , hoped to be finished next year.

Haralds sandcast 2.jpg

More to tell next month 



managed by Harald Falkentoft  haraldfalkentoft@webspeed.dk

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