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The Honda 750 Four (CB-750) Specifications (tentative) print date unk.
Single page, B&W, pre-production, K1 type mirrors, oval winged� sidecover badges, cast type points cover, cast type clutch cover, small polished aluminum master cylinder with steel pipe upper line, dual throttle cables, to hard linkage carbs, caliper with no visible fins, front of side cover extends over airbox, flat type duck tail seat, LH horn, polished aluminum RH/LH handlebar controls, no kill switch, striped tank trim

the right choice HONDA 1969 AHM
Nine page pamphlet, front cover color sketch drawing of blue green pre-production bike at dragstrip with 6 people in foreground, helmeted rider, donning gloves. Flat type duck tail seat, front of side cover extends over air filter, LH horn, �double-ring� alternator cover, triangular �750� wing type gold side cover badges, striped tank trim, K1 type mirrors. Page 9, blue green early production bike appears to be same picture used in the fold out 2-page magazine ads, black master cylinder with natural aluminum cap, �flat� duck tail seat, middle of oil fill cap has raised line hand grip, striped tank trim, no mirrors, production type side covers/badges, stamped clutch/points covers, production carbs, fuel lines entering petcock face rearward, not inward, colors available Candy Blue-Green, Candy Red, Gold and Green.

Sooner or later you knew Honda would do it 1969 AHM
Magazine insert, four page fold out, centerfold blue-green early production bike per nine page bike above. Front and back cover, early pre-production bike, master cylinder fins only on top, natural aluminum handle bar clamps, polished upper triple clamp, K1 type mirrors, no chrome cover on LH horn, instrument idiot lights higher than on production instruments (tach � red oil light extends into red zone), oval wing type side cover badges, flat type duck tail seat, polished aluminum RH/LH handlebar control, no kill switch

HONDA 750 FOUR no print date
Dealer Brochure, 6-page fold out, 3-page center fold of blue green early production bike, LH gray horn, red inset plug ignition switch, sandcast transmission cover, fully finned caliper, solid black master cylinder, production side covers/gold badges, �acorn� mirrors, black handlebar switches, solid silver tank trim, straight uncovered upper brake rubber hose. Back page � �Indian girl� � appears same bike as centerfold, Inside page � Girl rider in white � colors Candy Tone Blue Green, Candy Red, Candy Gold, all small pics appear same as center fold early production bike

HONDA The Ultimate in Motorcycle Engineering no print date
Dealer Brochure, 8-page fold out, unfolded front cover depicts crouched blue helmeted rider at speed on blue green early production bike with straight uncovered upper brake hose, inside 2 pages of Honda factory on LH, RH 2 pages Candy Red early production bike with black inset plug type ignition switch, straight uncovered upper brake hose, polished transmission cover, appears otherwise similar to �Indian Girl� early production bike, another page, LH engine shot, depicts blue green bike, alternator cover holes not counter bored, solid black master cylinder, all tanks have solid tank silver trim

Honda has more to move you no print date
B&W October 1969 Cycle Guide one page ad, early production

Dominate the road 1970 AHM
March 1970, one page color magazine ad, red, early production, LH

109 pages, white cover, depicts frame CB750 1000002, engine CB750E 1000004, rectangular starter cover, stamped steel oil filler cap/dip stick, solid tank trim, chrome hex head master cyl, mounting screws, white clutch cable lower cover, (page 36 Fig, 4-20 depicts carbs with butterfly type choke lever), carb adjustment section depicts production type carbs, non-production alternator cover, non- rectangular starter cover, page 37, figs 4-25/6 depict points cover with no screws, appears cast. Chrome plain bolt on kick start arm block, page 45, LH side cover removed, fig. 4-42, spot welded gusset upper LH frame where top rail meets vertical rail, cam cover �OHC 750�, oil hoses show hex head screws with no Phillips per later models, bare braided ground cable, black master cylinder, black handle bar switches, RH switch has no �OFF-ON-OFF� markings, only 3 dots on LH side of knob, also shows Figure �8� hex screws attaching master cylinder to handlebar, steel upper brake pipe, low set instrument lights, rectifier shows no rubber pad on lower half per later models, LH horn with chrome cover, the plug inset of ignition switch appears larger diameter than later production bikes, no upper rubber brake hose noted in manual

Shop Manual Honda CB750 8/69
182 pages, green Cover, different forward and format than Provisional Manual, depicts same VIN�s, smooth unbraided oil lines, solid tank trim, petcock lines to inside, elsewhere to rear of bike, rubber coated ground cable, �knob� type black kill switch, figure �8� screws hold on master cylinder, air cleaner service section shows early pre-production carbs, page 156, Fig. 16-16, shows the black �wing� type kill switch, black Phillips screws attaching master cylinder (as per 7/69 Owner�s Manual), Group 17, Wiring Diagram, depicts early production bike with K1 type mirrors

Flat Rate Time Honda CB750 8/69
Lists labor time & charges for various dis-assembly procedures

9 Pages, depicts early production model, straight brake hose, black inset plug key, stamped steel oil tank cap, �padded� type ducktail seat

143 pages, RH/LH � view B&W photos depict early pre-production bike with production type side cover badges on pre-production type side covers, striped tank trim, frame section, frame depicted as CB750-7000001, LH horn, block under steering head where LH horn bracket is welded, otherwise ALL parts seem consistent with the early production type machines,

VIN per Provisional Shop Manual, nomenclature depicts early pre- production bike, production instruments, solid tank trim, pages 16 & 19, depict a black kill switch with a thin black wing (no knob) and no �On-Off� markings, petcock hoses face to back of motorcycle, air cleaner service, page 48, depicts carbs of early pre-production type, throttle twist grip adjustment, page 49, single carb cable, depicts black wing nut for cable adjustment, not hex nut, master cylinder held on by black Phillips head screws, servicing fuel valve strainer, page 54, shows petcock hoses facing to inside of bike