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Sandcast engine no. CB750E1007313 for sale:
Without starter and sprocket cover, alternator and ignition cover not necessarily original K0, oil filter housing of later type.  Shifts into 5th with a "klick" as you can feel the gear engage (should not be like this), I am certain this is due to a K2 transmission shaft having been put in to use a standard K2 bearing during overhaul, a correct shaft and bearing should remedy this. Clutch good when cold, could seperate better when hot, so needs a new set of disks, slight oil leak at left/front cylinder base.
Apart from that: Overhauled, new pistons and bearings, valves reground, 1'200 miles since. In used condition, no damages to the case, cylinder or head, runs smooth, break in done extremely careful, never revved when cold, I believe the engine has only been opened once, because + screws with no signs of having been undone were originally in place, unfortunately substituted with new bolts.
Genuine reason for sale, description is to my best knowledge, nothing omitted, ask questions! Sale is up for sensible offers, pick up or shipping at cost from Switzerland, no commercial dealers.
Philip at pburris@bluewin.ch